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Carpet craft

(HS Code 5701)

Knotted Carpet (HS Code 5701): Carpets and other textile floor coverings, of textile materials, knotted, whether or not made up Nepali woollen carpet is characterized by its exclusive shine and naturally shading surface structure
Nepal's exports represent 8.1% of world exports for this product, its ranking in world exports is 4.

Salient Features: Unique, quality, texture, colour combination, and durability.

Major Exporters: India, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, Turkey

Production Process: The process of production of knotted carpet involves several steps. i. Wool shearing ii. Wool Washing/Drying iii. Carding iv. Spinning v. Yarn Dyeing vi. Knotting/Weaving vii.Carpet washing viii. Stretching/Trimming/Finishing

No. of Carpet Industries: Estimated over 1,000 No. of Employment in Carpet

Industry: Estimated over 50,000

Production Capacity: Over 1000,000 sq. m per annum

Product Size: 16inch x 16inch to 9 feet x 12 feet and other extra-large sizes.
Carpet Knot Density: Various knots are produced 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 knots per square inch density.

Uses: Floor-coverings, Furnishing, Wall Hanging etc.

Expert Data:

F.Y. 2073/74 (2016/17) F.Y. 2074/75 (2017/18) F.Y. 2075/76 (2018/19)
In Sq.m

Value RS.'000

In Sq.m
Value RS.'000 Quantify
In Sq.m
Value RS.'000
522,615 7,427,560 535,631 7,143,462 410,878 7,457,184


World Import in 2019 :- 822 Million USD

5 Year Average Growth :- (-4.2 %)

Potential Markets for Nepal :- Switzerland, China, Japan, France, Canada, United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom