वैकुण्ठ अ'र्याल



वैकुण्ठ अ'र्याल

सचिव - (वाणिज्य, तथा आपूर्ति मंत्रालय)

कार्यालय फोन न: +९७७-१- ४२११४४६







Date of Birth


Language Skill

English, Nepali, Hindi


Master in Business Administration, Tribhuwan University, 1996.

Work Experience

  •  Currently working as a Secretary in Ministry of Ministry Industry, Commerce and Supply from January 2019.
  •  Served as a Secretary in Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretariat for almost 2 years. Responsible for economic and infrastructure affairs, result monitoring and governance. : Secretary in Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Ministry and Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development. Played Key role in restructuring of current local level government of establishment of first office of local government all over the country.
  • Worked as a Joint Secretary position in following organizations:
    • Ministry of Health and Population for 2 years.
    •  Kathmandu Metropolitan City for 20 months. Also responsible for Mayoral role.
    •  Minister (Economic) in Embassy of Nepal New Delhi from August 2007 to October 2011.
    •  Ministry of Finance for 20 months
  • Under Secretary in Ministry of Finance for five years. Responsible for budget preparation, execution, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Under Secretary (Account) in Financial Comptroller General for five years. Looked after expansion of integrated Financial Information Management system of government of Nepal. Preparation of financial reporting of government of Nepal. :
  • Accounts officer for six years in different government offices.


  • Senior Executive Development Program - Nepal Administrative Staff College, 22 February- 2 April, 2010.
  • In Service Training - Revenue Administration Training Center.
  • Poverty Reduction Training - Zhejiang University, China (3 weeks).
  • Fiscal Decentralization - Georgia University, 2002 (3 weeks).
  •  Financial Programming- International Monetary Fund, 2002 (7 weeks).

Additional Responsibility

  • Chairman of Nepal Oil Corporation, Inter model Development Committee.
  • Chairman of Nepal Telecomm, Radio Nepal etc.
  • Director- Melamchi Water Development Committee, 2011.
  • Director- Kathmandu Valley Water Development Board 2011.
  • Director- Nepal Industrial Development Corporation 2005-07.
  • Director- Lumbini Sugar Mills 2004-005.
  • Member- Pay Commission, 2006.
  • Worked in Public Expenditure Management Committee and a various committee formed for short term.

Country Visited

China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, Tanzania, UK, USA, and Vietnam.